Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Ventura highway, in the sunshine"

A few posts ago i wrote about the atmosphere of Don Muang airport at Bangkok. Well i am currently back in the States having left for Los Angeles from the glistening Suvanabhumi airport to the East of the city centre. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of getting there, although almost the whole journey i was passing miles of stationary traffic going the other direction on the Bangna-Trat highway, and when i arrived it was pretty easy going to pass through the terminal and into the lounge area. The design of the airport is spacious and being Thailand of course there are airport staff everywhere to take care and generally smile and make people feel less stressed about any teething delays and troubles that might occur.

Completly unrelated, but the pic above is of a poster for my favorite band in BKK, T-Bone. They play Ska and if you have the chance to catch them then make sure you do!

So i left for the US after a full days working Monday in the office only to travel for 15 hours and then arrive on the same Monday evening on the West coast. The drive up Ventura highway to Thousand Oaks took me to a part of LA that i have never been to before and after 6 hours sleep i was up and ready to start work. The first mornings' dawn was lovely and i suddenly realised how close the hills and countryside are when you are in LA, in winter the West coast scenery is quite special and the following weekend i enjoyed driving through canyons and along the Pacific Coast Highway and trying not to start speaking like a surfer, dude!

One more week here then i will travel back over the ocean to Thailand and catch up on the latest on the coup, that is of course if they let me in as i will have to point out to the immigration officer exactly how he can squeeze yet one more arrival stamp into my passport..