Tuesday, March 06, 2007

here, there and everywhere

Living in Thailand, working for a German client with American customers is always going to involve travel and for the last year or more i have been back and forth to the US nearly every other week. Since the New Year i have finished one job in LA and have followed the rollout to Colorado. This is my first time to any of the Rocky Mountain states and at the end of winter it is pretty spectacular here. I arrived after a stop over in LAX and went straight into the office, however yesterday i drove up to Estes Park, quite lovely sceanary and i enjoyed the drive and a walk around the lake. The weather for someone now used to +35 deg C heat and very high humidity is far too cold and dry!

It is funny that just over a week ago i was sweating just eatting in an outside canteen in Singapore and yesterday as i walked arround this lake i seriously thought about breaking into a jog to keep warm! I was hoping that i would see some Elk up near the national park and as i parked my car i realised that there were two large ones right next to my bonnet.

After my short walk i drove back down route 36 to Lyons and stopped in a pretty cool bar called Oskar Blues. Apparently it is a chain owned by a famous baseball player but as chains go it had decent food, music and some heavy looking beer for sale from the onsite micro-brewery, if you get the chance to go there the prime rib cajun style went down a treat!


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