Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years boom

Sitting drinking bubbly yards away from an explosion that tore off a tourists legs was not the way i had imagined to spend the countdown. Just the day before i came back from a visit to Pattaya and was looking forward to walking down the street into the crowds and bringing in the New Year with a can of Singha and countless thousands in an atmosphere that is usually so typical friendly and enjoyable. Early afternoon as the news of eight bombings came in i walked down towards the Rajprasong junction against a mass of people all trudging back after hearing that the events had all been cancelled- a move that later looked well judged as a later bomb ripped apart some phone boxes and injured several badly right on the corner of the intersection close to midnight. I was sat at the time outside the Four Seasons hotel and had planned on walking down there, luckily i ended up watching a movie and heading to a Jazz bar much later after things had calmed down. Or so i thought, as today news of another bomb this time in the Chinatown area bring back the thoughts of feeling that bit less safe in a city where you so often forget any notion of being threatened. Who organised it is unconfirmed but i would not be surprised that elements of the last government performed it to look like the work of Southern seperatists. In my opinion the seperatists would claim responsibility to broaden their international awareness and would probably have done a better job as they are setting off devices daily in the Southern provinces.


Blogger Sue said...

No more blogs about bombs so I assume that there haven't been any. Good, hope it stays that way

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