Friday, September 22, 2006

Day 3.. more rumours..

Just now i have been told from 2 different sides that something is going on very close to here in the centre of Bangkok, something like a demonstration or disturbance but nothing verified at all. This is in keeping with the general sense of nothing having changed but underneath some very real fears that problems may arise quite suddenly. Best thing to do is to stay in touch with the news but dont let every piece of information affect you until your really know what is going on. As for a typical Friday evening in Bangkok, well for me the usual choice would be to head to a bar near my home and relax and unless something major happens then i will still do just that! But always better to be safe than sorry right.


Blogger Sue said...

Glad you are updating the blog - Thailand has completely dropped out of TV news broadcasts in the UK - the last mention was on Wednesday. That's probably good news all round, but it's still nice to get the insider view

Hope you are having/had a good and peaceful evening

1:42 am

Blogger Nancy Metcalf said...

Hi Dave,

How is the weather? I am just trying to get Granny onto this web so she can keep in touch.

Hope all is well,


11:33 pm


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